Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

where creativity come from? how to invent them?

  • Everything is remix/mashup of idea. Your idea is as good as the thing you surround with. Select things to steal that speak to your soul. Find role model to study. Keep a notebook.
  • Start making stuff. Dress for the job you want. Copy voice/style/stuff you love. Copy (who)(what). Copy then adapt+transform.
  • Write what you like, not what you know. Build the products you want to use.
  • We get ideas, not from laptop. Start making things with hands. Use analog tools. Do your thinking away from computer. Set up 1 analog vs 1 digital workspace.
  • The work you do while you procrastinate, do that! Side project usually takes off. Have lots of them and move around. Do nothing to get ideas. Keep all your passions + spend time with them. It'll interact between ideas.
  • No pressure when you're undiscovered. No distraction. You want attention only after you're doing great work. Do great work + put stuff on Internet. Give your secrets away, they'll reward you. Share and mention something.
  • Create your own community. Leave home, at least once for ideas. Where to go? Bad weather lead to good ideas, stay-home.
  • Ignore enemies. Find interesting people to follow, what they are linking to. Try to be helpful & hang out with them. Write fan letters. Keep a "praise folder" of nice email people who discover your work.
  • Save well, don't starve. Keep your day job, steal skills and apply in your work. Day job gives you routine, and you carve out time for creative work. Find a job that pays decently, that you have lots of energy for side projects.
  • Use what you already have. Too many options kill creativity.
  • Keep a swipe file. Use notebook. Use a calendar to keep the chain.