How to set a password to your Figma portfolio and share it easily


Last year, I decided to move my portfolio to Figma. That is a huge improvement because I no longer need to overthink which saving format to use. Also, to avoid any other issues like broken links or permissions ones.

Besides, Figma allows me to speed up the process of updating my portfolio by keeping the design process, presentations and prototypes in one sharable file.

However, I have an issue with Figma that I suffered before with sharing files. I do not know who is accessing my portfolio unless I invited them.


So, I started to think of a way of sharing an open Figma project with a protected URL. This method will help me to know who is accessing my portfolio and also share the URL easily.

Then I found crypto password protection, a plugin from Figmatic.


Crypto allows you to set a password to your open Figma URL. Therefore, you no longer need to invite someone to your project. Just share the URL.


But, with this plugin, I don't know exactly who is looking at my portfolio. So, I came up with the idea of knowing who is accessing my portfolio and who does not.

After exploring different ideas like URL shorteners and complex solutions with Webflow, I decided to create a google form that when you introduce the credentials and the password it will show the portfolio's URL.

This method provides a clear way to know who is accessing the portfolio and also keeps the open URL more protected.



✅ Good

  • Easy and lean way to provide access to your Figma link and know who is accessing it.

⚠️ To improve

  • Perhaps the process of introducing twice the password at google forms and also on crypto is not a very good ux.
  • Maybe there is a way to simplify the flow of requesting and accessing the portfolio project.

Next steps

I will try to make a more elegant way to protect my portfolio and know who is accessing it by using Webflow and memberstack.

Hope you like it and if you have any question. Please ask me one of my channels or on the comments bellow.

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